Sixth Form ‘Study Success Sessions’ for Year 13 Students

With time ticking towards your final A Level exams, this is an opportunity for you to ‘Rev up your revision and Supersize your study’. Come along to the sessions every day 8 period 5, starting on Wednesday 28th March. The location will be confirmed once we have final student numbers. There is only 4 sessions in total before you leave. You will receive prizes for your full attendance!

Session content includes:
– Why you need to revise- how our memory works
– Strategies on how to revise
– Revision tips
– Exam preparation
– Exam stress
– Positive mindset and self-belief ‘It is is to be, then it is up to me!’
– Subject specifications
– Time management- revision timetables

Please sign up for the sessions on the form outside Mr Bradbury’s office.


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