Uganda Trip – Day 5

Today we followed the programme going to a different school in Kumi. The community was a lot smaller which made it very special as the student were able to make special connections. We met teachers who live on site and they showed us their homes and where they cook. We had a real opportunity to see how a rural community live. We shadowed the HIV and AIDS medical team again who showed us how the test actually works and how you can tell if it is positive or negative. Today 160 people were tested and 3 had a negative result. It is a real experience to understand the culture and help educate these people and see how support is offered to them.

Uganda Trip – Day 4

Today we visited a school in Kumi. We had the opportunity to shadow a medical team testing for HIV and AIDS. They showed us the process and we met members of the community that came to the school to be tested and joined in the sport activities. This opportunity saves so many lives as without this service they would never know and their lives would be shortened. The team have been amazing, I am so proud of them in so many ways. Each and every one of them are really changing people lives and having a huge impact.


We have had a fantastic day in Kumi we visited Kajamaka new primary school. There were so many students for a Saturday. We had a very warm welcome from the students, teachers and community. We followed the sports programme and ran our own teaching sessions consisting of Maths, Phonics and friendship bracelets. Todd and Will helped with the respect programme for boys and Georgia, Emily BR, Zoe and Laura went into the dignity class. We had lots of time to play with the students also. Fantastic day, the team have been amazing embracing every challenge given to them.

6th Form Trip to Uganda

Day 1 Lake Victoria

Was an early start this morning for some. We saw the sun rising over Lake Victoria, Beautiful start to the morning. Some of the students have started to write a journal of their journey, fantastic start to the trip. Now for breakfast and a long journey to Kumi.

6th Form Trip to Uganda

We have arrived safely in Jinja. Just had a lovely meal and briefing on tomorrow. We will be up for the sunrise over lake Victoria at 6 in the morning. Early night for an exciting day tomorrow in Kumi.

We’re off!

We have arrived at the airport, all checked in waiting to board. Everyone is really excited can’t wait to get to Africa.

Year 12 Philosophy and Ethics

Year 12 Philosophy and Ethics students are reminded they are to meet outside Warwickshire Justice centre, Leamington Spa at 9:30am ready for their tour of the Magistrates courts. Students are also reminded they will be able to sit in on a number of hearings and court cases today, linking directly with the ethics element of your course.

We say ‘Goodbye’ to Year 13

Tonight our Year 13 students enjoyed a stylish celebration at Dallas Burston Polo Club, Southam.
It was a fitting way to celebrate the end of two years of study for all and for some, seven years as a student at Southam College. We hope you look back on these days as a student at Southam College with sentimentality in years to come.

We look forward to celebrating with you on A level results day, Thursday 16th August. All the best for the future.

The Sixth Form Team