Sixth Form ‘Study Success Sessions’ for Year 13 Students

With time ticking towards your final A Level exams, this is an opportunity for you to ‘Rev up your revision and Supersize your study’. Come along to the sessions every day 8 period 5, starting on Wednesday 28th March. The location will be confirmed once we have final student numbers. There is only 4 sessions in total before you leave. You will receive prizes for your full attendance!

Session content includes:
– Why you need to revise- how our memory works
– Strategies on how to revise
– Revision tips
– Exam preparation
– Exam stress
– Positive mindset and self-belief ‘It is is to be, then it is up to me!’
– Subject specifications
– Time management- revision timetables

Please sign up for the sessions on the form outside Mr Bradbury’s office.


German Exchange

Tuesday morning was spent with 3D crazy golf where Southam and Hölderlin students enjoyed the illusion of an underwater world whilst playing. This was followed by a visit to the Porsche museum educating students about all things Porsche old and new. Vorsprung durch Technik.

German Exchange

Today we explored the beautiful medieval town and spa of Bad Wimpfen where Southam students and partners learned about German history followed by Kaffee und Kuchen oder heiße Schokolade.  Lecker!

German Exchange

Day 1 at the Hölderlin Gymnasium:
Southam College students were greeted warmly with a delicious German breakfast followed by ice-breaker games for students to get to know their partners in the morning. The afternoon was spent with sports and fun to round up a successful first day.
Auf Wiedersehen morgen in Mannheim!

Engineering Technical Apprentice Level 3 Apprentice Product Design and Development, Mtc

Excellent opportunity to start your career as an Engineer at a premium training centre based in Coventry. Whether you are employed by the AMTC or indirectly with one of our employer partners, you will spend your first year training on the very latest machinery, covering key disciplines: Advanced CNC Machining Intelligent Automation Metrology

Engineering Technician Apprenticeship (Degree Apprenticeship) BMW Group Plant

Training includes the study of state-of-the–art engineering and production techniques which are constantly developing in line with new technologies. You will need to possess the physical dexterity to carry out precise work with small components and the mental ability to handle complex data calculations of all types.