Virtual Skills Show 26-28th Nov 2020

WorldSkills UK LIVE online: Spotlight Talks on Careers, Apprenticeships and excellence in partnership with BAE Systems will bring together the UK’s leading employers and apprentices to inspire even more young people, from all walks of life, to take up technical career routes and apprenticeships. Taking place from 26 – 28 November.

NHS careers week

This week Y12 and Y13 Health & Social Care students took part in a variety of career taster sessions hosted by George Eliot hospital. 

Students engaged with Nurses, Surgeons and Speech and Language Therapists who discussed the roles and responsibilities of their job in the NHS and provided careers advice. 

Crime Society

This week in year 12 Crime Society Tabitha and Izzy presented their PowerPoint on their chosen crime ‘Kidnapping’. They included case studies and statistics which led to some really interesting debates.

Great job guys.

Mrs Southworth.

National Space Academy Online Year 12 Careers Conference Webinar

The National Space Academy, with the support of the UK Space Agency, is bringing its annual year 12 careers event online! This online event is aimed at 16-17 year olds based in the UK.

Join us on Saturday 28th November to hear from our speakers about their careers and top tips for forging an exciting career in the UK’s thriving, diverse space and aerospace industries. 

There will be a Q and A opportunity for you to ask our speakers, and experts from the National Space Academy your burning career questions. 

The event starts at 1.00pm – 3.30pm and you are able to join us slightly earlier from 12.45pm ready for when the event commences.

Year 13 Maths support sessions

If you are looking for any support with A-Level maths then we have the solution for you!

During the following times there will be a maths teacher available to help answer any of your questions:

Day 1 Period 2 – Art 4

Day 3 Period 5 – BS3

Day 8 Period 5 –

E9Day 10 Period 2 – Art 3

No question is a silly question, and we look forward to helping you solve all your mathematical problems.

Year 12 Food Science and Nutrition

Earlier this week our cohort of Y12’s had a double practical lesson on fish. They began by gutting, de-boning and then filletting the whole Mackerel, which is a fiddly and not altogether pleasant job, but takes skill. Following the preparation of the Mackerel, they made bread rolls and cooked the fillets before making them into a tasty Pate. The finished dishes were presented to a restaurant standard. Well done Year 12 on a busy, high skilled session.

Crime Society

Emily, Kirsty and Lauren have been working really hard in ‘crime society’ and have presented a fascinating and detailed PowerPoint to the class about their chosen crime ‘kidnapping’. The students passion and hardwork shone through during their presentation to the other year 12 crime society students.

Well done!! Mrs Southworth


Following the new guidance for schools during this month long lockdown there will be no after school clubs e.g. sports, reading group etc during lockdown. As a result late buses will not run during lockdown.Year 11 and 13 subject booster sessions and detentions continue as normal. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Philosophy and Ethics – Year 13

Year 13 Philosophy and Ethics students took part in the national Candle Conference virtual lectures at lunchtime today. The virtual conference was delivered by Philosopher Peter Vardy and allowed students to review the Telelogical argument in the face of evil and suffering. 
Students were also able to review essay writing and technique!

Well done Year 13!