Sixth Form Dress Code

All students are required to wear a skirt/dress/trousers with a shirt & tie/blouse/formal top, as well as smart shoes.

Further details on appropriate items follows:


Suit type trouser.  Subtle sober patterns allowed such as pinstripe. Tailored fit acceptable.

Belts should be one colour (Dark grey/dark brown or tan/black)

Not allowed: Denim/chinos/leggings/skin tight trousers/Shorts

Skirts & Dresses

Formal, tailored suit type skirts and dresses, including pencil skirts.  Sober colour/patterns e.g. pinstripe.  Skirt/dress must be no more than 10cm above the knee

Not allowed: Items that are excessively short, Denim, ‘Tube’ or Lycra/Stretchy material. 

Low neckline/Strappy dresses /Play suits/Jump suits

Shirt/Blouse/Formal Top

A shirt and tie

Blouse or formal lightweight jumper

Sober colour/subtle patterns

Short Sleeves are permitted.

Not allowed: T shirts/polo shirt/sports shirts/military style shirts/lumberjack shirts or strappy tops.


Formal/smart.  Must be of leather or suede material/look

Boot style allowed if covered by a trouser. 

Heels permitted on shoes and boots if of a suitable height

Smart ‘ballet’ pumps are allowed.

Not allowed: Walking boots/Doc Martin style boots/Biker boots/trainers or flip flops/canvas shoes/canvas pumps.

Other Aspects

Tights should be one sombre colour without pattern.

No hats, caps or headgear of any kind to be worn in school

Hair colour to be one natural colour.

No Hoodies/sweatshirts are permitted.

Coats should be removed indoors and in lessons

All items of dress, including outdoor coats, should be clean, and should not be adorned with slogans or in any other way be likely to cause offence.

Any jewellery worn should be reasonably small and not excessive in quantity

No visible body piercing other than to the ears, nor visible tattoos.

Within this dress code the school reserves the right to determine if an article of student dress is acceptable to be worn.

Consequences for not adhering to the dress code:

A warning issued > Letter sent home and Uniform Report for a week > Internal Exclusion for the day > Parent/Carer Meeting and required to go home to address dress code.

"Be the best you can be"

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