2. Facilities

The Sixth Form Centre houses six teaching/tutor rooms, a silent study room and mixed use work and social area. Most Sixth Form lessons take place in the Centre but they can also take place across the school, especially for subjects such as Art, Science and Technology.

The Sixth Form study room is equipped with computers and is a silent study area available for students to use at all times. In addition, the college library is well equipped to meet Sixth Form study demands and is available for private study during the day and after school. There is a wireless network so that students who wish to bring a laptop to the College can access the internet across the school site.

The social area is fitted with comfortable seating, plasma screen TVs and a well stocked library of university prospectuses. There are also tables where students can work in groups.  Current students’ art and photography work decorates the walls. The college cafeteria is also open throughout the day for use by Sixth Form students as an additional social area.


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