The British Library – Workshop

On Friday afternoon A level English Language students took part in workshop run by The British Library on accents and dialects that Mrs Jeffs had kindly arranged. This topic forms part of their studies on the influences of English language such as gender, class, ethnicity and occupation.
Initially we were guided through lexical variations- do you know what it is to ‘puggle’? What would you use as a synonym of attractive? And how the popularity of slang words wavers when it moves from an aspect of youth dialect to become mainstream- ‘no one says ‘peng’ anymore Mum!’

Students were challenged to identify accents of people reading Mr Tickle- with quite a lot of success (even differentiating between Northern and Southern Irish). They were also asked to identify whether they use long or short vowel sounds in ‘bath…grass…after.’ (Most used the long vowel more typically associated with the south and Received Pronunciation!)
Lastly they explored grammatical changes such as the proliferation of ‘like’ both used as a filler ‘it was like amazing’ and as a way of quoting someone ‘he was like I can hear you.’ Surprisingly we learnt that this was not a hangover of the MTV generation and watching too many American teen dramas but could actually be traced back to northern England and the Victorian era (who like knew?)
In conclusion students offered their own dialectal words for @voicesofEnglish twitter ‘words of the week’… drip/drippy (meaning nice uniform/clothing) and bundalenger (attractive). So watch this space if they make the cut…

Technology Degree Apprenticeship (Warwick)

West Midlands Technology Degree Apprenticeship 2022A


An apprenticeship at Accenture offers a perfect blend of training, mentorship, and a head start to a career in technology. Not to mention a full salary and BSc degree at the end of the programme. If you have a passion for technology, your talents could see you creating innovative solutions, helping our clients transform the way they do business.

Christmas Shoe Box Appeal 2021

Students, staff, and tutors are being asked to create shoe boxes for both male, female, adult, or child in support of the local Helping Hands community project and Migrant Help UK. 

All shoe boxes to be placed on the table by reception by Wednesday 8th December 2021.


Sophia in Year 12 will be creating and selling her craft keyrings in support of her National Citizen service project. All money raised will go to creating essential backpacks for local homeless and vulnerable people this winter.

Sophia will be selling her craft keyrings for £3 every lunchtime outside reception from Tuesday 30th November.

Thank you for your support

Sixth Netball Game Southam vs Kingsley

Southam Sixth Form team played Kingsley School on Wednesday 17th November 21. 

The game was close throughout with the final score ending Kingsley 11 Southam 10.  The girls played brilliantly, working hard in both attack and defence. The team ethos was fantastic, encouraging and supporting each other during the game. Player of the match was awarded to Rosie, who was against tough opposition from the Kingsley defence from start to finish.

Well done and thank you to all who played, Miss Evans.

Food Science and Nutrition

Our Year 12 Level 3 Food Science and Nutrition students learnt about the preparation of fish on their practical lesson last week. Once the fish heads had been removed, the lesson progressed swimmingly well as the students filleted and de-boned the whole mackerel. The prepared fillets were then made into a dish of their choice and presented to a restaurant standard. No fishy business to report here.
Well done Year 12. Mrs James.

Film Making Club

Are you a student who is passionate about film?

Do you enjoy thinking creatively?

Do you wish to explore your Film-Making Skills?

If that sounds like you come along to Film Making Club afterschool every Wednesday in MD1.

Open to all students in Y9-13. See

Miss Darketts for more details

Dynamic Dylan continues to make topflight Progress!

Congratulations to Prop forward Dylan W. for the continued high level of progression and performance at Rugby Premiership clubs. He was scouted for Worcester warriors developing player program (DPP): u13-u15. He was then promoted to Worcester Warriors player developing group (PDG): u16. He recently left Worcester and joined Wasps junior academy: u17. He is hoping to join Wasps senior academy after completing A-levels.

Dylan is a hard-working prop, who has represented the school, Harbury RFC: u12-u16 and is currently with Old Laurentina’s: colts (u18s). It is fantastic to see this young man maturing and showing dedication to his sport.

Well done, Dylan.

We are all very proud of your efforts and achievements.

Festival of Children’s Rights

Last Friday, students form Year 12 and 13 attended the Festival of Children’s Rights at the Amnesty International Headquarters in London. They attended a number of workshops such as how to campaign, climate crisis and human rights cases.