Year 13 Food Science and Nutrition.

Our students have been experimenting with tempering different types of chocolate.
The extra dark 72% cocoa solid proved to be the most successful due to the lower cocoa butter content linked to the size of the crystals.
We are developing our investigative skills over the coming weeks in preparation for coursework.
Well done Year 13
Mrs James, Head of Food
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Global Mind Body Spirit festival

Year 12 and 13 students are invited to take part in the Global Mind Body Spirit festival at the NEC Birmingham on Friday 1st November.
Payments of £16.50 are to be made by Friday 4th October to reserve your place.
This event supports Southam College’s continued promotion of Global Virtues.
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Year 12 Food Science and Nutrition

Fruit Tart Practical.

Our talented students continued to develop their high level practical skills by making pate sucree with creme patisserie and fresh fruit.

We have had some brilliant results.

Well done Year 12.

Mrs James, Head of Food.

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NEC Mind Body Spirit Festival

Year 12 and 13 students are invited to take part in the global, ‘Mind Body Spirit Festival’ at the NEC on Friday 1st November 2019.
Exhibitors from around the world will be there including motivational speakers, musicians and performers.
There will be workshops to take part in from Yoga and a silent disco.
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Food Science and Nutrition

The Food Department has welcomed the new year 12 Level 3 Food Science and Nutrition students. Today’s challenge was to produce and present a dish in 1 hour using yeast.
Well done, great start Year 12
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Lunchtime next Day 1 will be the first meeting of the year for the British Sign Language Society.

Bring your lunch along to LS2 and learn how to communicate and sign songs in Sign Language.

All year groups are welcome to attend.


Thinking of going to University next September?

If you are planning on going to university next September, the Careers Hub in S3 has lots of useful resources to help you decide which course and university is best for you. We have a large selection of 2020 University Prospectus, several copies of the the Good University Guide 2020, How to complete your UCAS form, How to write a successful Personal Statement and a selection of Getting Into books including Medicine, Law, Psychology, Business & Economics and Vetinary School.

The Careers hub in S3 is open Monday to Friday from 8am – 4pm. Please feel free to drop in before, during or after school to look at all of our University resources.

Mr Hughes (Career Leader).

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Dance Production 2019

A Star is Born
All stars start somewhere

Audition dates:
Monday 21st October
Wednesday 23rd October
Monday 11th November

Routines should be linked to the theme in some way; this can be interpreted in many ways.

You could showcase a stars life, such as Freddie Mercury or Marilyn Monroe; express through the recent film itself or show how your journey as a star begins…. the possibilities are endless.

Routines should be no longer than 2 minutes 30 seconds and aim to be complete by the audition dates.

If you are struggling with the theme please speak to the PE department for more guidance.

Show dates:
Wednesday 11th December
Thursday 12th December

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A Level Chemistry

Representatives from the Royal Society of Chemistry at Warwick University visited the A-Level Chemists with their ‘Spectroscopy in a Suitcase’. The year 12s spent the morning using an Infrared Spectrometer from the RSC to analyse and identify mystery samples of unknown compounds. The students have spent their last few week synthesising, purifying and analysing Aspirin. They were then able to use the Infrared spectrometer to clarify that their synthesis had been successful and confirm the correct structure of aspirin in their sample.

Well done Chemists!

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Sixth Form Year 12- Driving Virtual Reality Sessions

All Year 12 students have experienced a Virtual Reality session from the Warwickshire County Council Driving Ambitions project. The Road Safety Team helped to raise awareness of the dangers of young drivers being distracted at the wheel by their passengers.
Students were transported into a virtual world created with 360 degrees vision. Students put on the headsets to experience a full crash scene extraction reality scenario. The VR film, which is set inside a car, was so convincing that some students actually interacted with the filmed scenarios! After, students took part in a though provoking discussion including the laws surrounding mobile phone use whilst driving.
Thank you to John S and Sam H who have been delivering the highly regarded programme to Southam students with all year groups in Life Skills this academic year. We were pleased to welcome the VR technology in Sixth Form for as it gave students the opportunity to consider what it is like to be a young driver and consider the dangers of driving before they even get behind the steering wheel.
Whether it is road trips, weekend getaways, drives through the countryside, summer driving this holiday can be lots of fun but driving unsafe and your summer could take a wrong turn fast. Please stay safe on the roads this summer holiday Year 12!
The Sixth Form Team

Year 12 Pizza Picnic Reward afternoon

On Wednesday 17th July, selected Year 12 students received an end of year reward to say a big well done for their continued efforts over the last academic year. Fifty students were selected based on achieving 99-100% attendance this last academic year, Top 10 House Haps, Extra curricular, whole school Involvement and also outstanding Character.

Students started off with a Pizza and Pop Picnic spending quality time all together with blankets and music. This was followed with a visit from the local ice cream van! Thanks to Mr Bradbury for leading a brilliant and funny Silly Sports competition including events of the Egg Toss, Hula hoop racing and three legged race. Then the afternoon was finished with rounders led by Mr Lowdon and Mrs Turton.

I am hugely proud to be Head of this Year 12 cohort. As a year group, what has stood out to me the most this last academic year is how incredibly caring, helpful and dedicated this year group are which we felt needed to be celebrated. From this day alone, simply seeing many students pulling together to help me to prepare for the reward afternoon and then again in the evening volunteering more of their time with the well-being team, face painting stall and Amnesty stand at the Southam festival is a testament to the focus, fantastic teamwork and commitment this year group really have. There have already been some huge accomplishments within the group this last year and I’m sure there are many more to come as they go into year 13. Have a safe a restful summer year 12.
Mrs Campbell-Birch

Calling all incoming Year 12 A Level Scientists!

All new Year 12 A Level Science students will sit a Head Start test on their subject during their first lesson in September, regardless of their GCSE result.  This test will include work from the Head Start books in the form of a bridging topic and all students are expected to achieve a minimum of  65%.  It is essential that all students work through these books in preparation for the tests as it forms the science summer project.

Biology, Chemistry and Physics Head Start books are available from the Prep Room for £2.50.