Flour Baby project

Well done to our Y12 Health and Social Care students for completing the Flour Baby project last week. Students were responsible for the 24/7 care of a Flour Baby for the week to develop responsibility and to learn about child development. Students then presented an evaluation of the impact that the week had. It was brilliant to see students and staff engaging with the project.

Well done!

The Well-Being Team

Friday afternoon the Well-Being team finished painting the pre-school shed in Long Itchington. The girls have done a brilliant job with both the design and the execution and we think it looks great!Thank you to Sophie S, Tegan S, George M, Joanna W, Alice V, Emily T and Lauren G you’ve done a fab job!

Miss Brown and Mrs Allum

Year 12 Criminology

Year 12 Criminology students have been enjoying a escape room in lesson based around Jack The Ripper. Students used key problem solving skills and were all super competitive. 
This is all in preparation for the next unit they will study ‘crimescene to courtroom’. Well done year 12 your passion for all things forensics is fantastic.

Mrs Southworth 

Professionals Week

Professionals Week is well underway in the Health and Social Care Department with some fantastic talks by a practising GP, Senior Mental Health Clinician, Consultant Midwife and Paediatric Nurse. Students have had a wonderful insight into these professions and had the opportunity to ask some excellent questions. 
Well done Year 12 and many thanks to all involved.

The Health and Social Care Department

Year 12 Biology

Our year 12 BRILLIANT BIOLOGISTS are investigating the respiration rate of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (yeast). Students have researched, planned, and developed these investigations independently and are now carrying out their prior testing. Students will complete their practical work and then write a scientific report based upon their findings.

Well done year 12!

Year 12 Work Experience

As part of the Y12 Work Experience week, Sophie Storer and Tegan Smith have taken on the role of Artist in Residence within the Technology Department. During the week they were commissioned to create a design to promote the subjects Food, Graphics and Textiles. Their designs were developed into a mural, spanning over 10m in length. Their creative design clearly identifies the subjects and now painted onto the wall creates a huge impact on the corridor.  The Technology department have been delighted by the way in which both students took on the challenge, working well as a team, presenting their ideas successfully to the department and showing determination to meet the deadline set.

A fantastic effort – Well Done.

Year 12 well-being team

Members of the Year 12 well-being team were approached by the Long Itchington pre school to restyle their shed.
The girls have started painting the background Today ready to get the design on next week- check back next week for the finished product!

Miss Brown and Mrs Allum

Careers in Law – Work Experience

Thank you to Eva Harrison from Careers Seekers Direct who met year 12 students interested in the field of law and a thank you to Morre and Tibbitts Law firm who provided a fantastic opportunity for our students to ask lots of questions about careers in law.

Thank you to Mr Hughes for organising this for our Year 12 students.  

Professionals Week

The Health and Social Care department are excited to be hosting ‘Professionals Week’ starting Monday 12th July. Please see the attached schedule for the talks. All Year 12 students are welcome to attend.