HS2 Apprenticeships

Cyber Security:


Project Management:




Public Relations:


Barclays Higher Apprenticeships (Northampton)

Higher Apprenticeships

Getting qualified. Whether it’s a degree or professional status, it’s a huge achievement that can completely change your prospects – but it’s not always open to everyone. Some of us can’t afford it. For others, the timing just wasn’t right. But with our Higher Apprenticeship, all that can change. At any point in your life, we’ll help you gain a university-level or professional qualification while building an extraordinary career at Barclays.


Engineering Product Development Apprentice


The role will offer successful candidates the opportunity to get involved in all aspects of engineering process within the rotating machines industry. Machine shop activities, generator/motor build, mechanical fitting, electrical testing, CAD and engineering design are all areas in which you will gain experience and find your place.


Finance – Apprenticeship Severn Trent Water Limited

Find out how Finance changes lives. This is a chance to develop in-depth knowledge of our financial systems, at a time when our industry is going through an incredible and unparalleled transformation. Here, you’ll get a unique insight into the way one of the UK’s biggest businesses functions, as well as how we adapt to rapid, large-scale changes.


Degree Apprenticeships at the University of Warwick

A Degree Apprenticeship will enable you to thrive in the workplace. You’ll be a full-time employee learning skills on the job for around 80% of your time, the other 20% enjoying all the fantastic opportunities at Warwick. Whether you’re in the classroom surrounded by other independent thinkers, or furthering your knowledge through our blended learning systems, you will be both work-ready and world-ready.


Year 12 and 13 Philosophy and Ethics students

As part of your preparation and revision for the external exams, here is a 70 question challenge on just one topic of Christian Thought. This covers knowledge of key philosophical and theological ideas including reference to key terminology and beliefs on the topic of Death and the after life.

Let’s see who can complete this first and get them all right!

Mrs Thomas

Life after death revision 70 question challenge