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Outstanding ‘A’ Levels Results

Southam College once again celebrated outstanding ‘A’ Levels results this year with 100% A*-E pass rate, a new school record, and over 57% of all grades being A*-B.

Assistant Head teacher Keith Bradbury commented, “‘A’ levels require a huge amount of dedication and hard work from students and teachers. We are all really proud of all the results that have been achieved and wish students every success in the future.”

Head teacher Ranjit Samra added “At a time of so much change in education these results are testament to the fantastic attitude of our students and the support they receive from their teachers and families.”


Y12 sweep the board…

Thursday night, ‘Versatile’ one of Southam College’s young enterpise teams won the most innovative company award and were joint winners of the best company award in Central Warwickshire heat of the national young enterprise competition.

The team now go forward to the regional final at Coventry University on the 1st of May.

Well done, Southam College is very proud!

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A2 Biology Revision Conference

On Wednesday, Year 13 students attended the A2 Biology revision conference at the Rock Tower in London. The event was attended by forty different schools and over six hundred students.  It covered topics from many of the key areas of the course students are studying, including exam technique and advice from senior examiners. The day was both an enjoyable and beneficial experience for all students in preparing for their exams this summer.




Wednesday 4th April…4.00pm…Music 1

Sixth form students, Tom Bisiker and Ryan Clarke have produced their own CD and are hosting a launch event to launch this CD and showcase some of the tracks featured on it.
This will include live performances from them along with special guests that featured on their recordings.
They have been working on the production and promotion of the CD for their Level 3 BTEC course in Music.

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Sixth Form Students Teach at Primary School

Teacher Feedback

“As a direct result of the club, children have been completely enthused by the activities your students have organised. I’ve heard children taking in the corridors about it and have been asked by several younger children when they are going to get the chance to join in. It has hugely raised the profile of science here and has made me realise how many budding scientists there are here with a real passion for practical science.”


Comment from Primary School Teacher regarding Science Club ran by Abigail Ogryanovic, Joseph Wilson and Oliver Neal


Science Week Day 5

Walking on custard

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 14.33.10In the final day of Science Week, the students and staff got to do the famous ‘walking on custard’ experiment.

In this experiment they took it in turns to walk and run on a pool full of custard making sure not to stop otherwise they would sink to the bottom.

This is possible because custard is a non-newtonian fluid and behaves as a liquid until pressure is applied to it and it becomes solid, allowing the students to run across it if they were fast enough.

Well done to everyone involved in Science Week, we hope to make it a great event again next year.

Science Week Day 2

The day started with the students having a talk on falconry and its history followed by a flying display with Harris Hawks and a Falcon.

Then in the afternoon Mr Eltringham brought in his snakes, rats and tarantula for an animal handling session. The students, joined by Mr White and Mr Etheridge, had the chance to hold the animals and some were even brave enough to hold ‘rosie’ the chilean rose tarantula. The snakes were then fed the mice used in the dissections yesterday to show how they digest food using ‘peristalsis’ where the food is slowly pushed down the snakes body into its stomach, leaving a huge mouse shaped lump in its middle!

There are more Science activities every day this week at lunchtime and everyone is welcome to join in, see the timetable for more info.

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