Entry Requirements

The Sixth Form is open to students who wish to study A Levels and continue their education beyond Year 11 in a familiar, stable environment. The relationships already built up between the college and the student will provide valuable support during the important transition period from GCSE to A Level.

Candidates from other schools are welcome to apply to join Southam College Sixth Form. We have a number of students join us from across the county each year. If you are interested, please call or submit an Admission Enquiry Form to be kept up to date with the application process.

Basic entry requirements for Southam College Sixth Form are a minimum of 5 GCSEs at grades A*-C including English and Mathematics. However, entry requirements for specific courses vary across the different subjects offered; please see the Curriculum Guide for subject specific details. Please note, any student who has not been awarded a grade C at GCSE English and GCSE Mathematics will be expected to retake the examination to achieve a grade C.

Over the summer vacation students will be expected to complete an assignment for each of the AS subjects they wish to pursue the following September.  The assignment will take up to 5 hours to complete and it’s composition will depend on the nature of the AS level subject.  For example it could take the form of research for a test or preparation for a presentation or writing an essay.

Towards the end of September students will be assessed in each of their AS level subjects. At the end of September a decision will be made, for each of their AS courses, regarding whether they should continue.



2 comments on “Entry Requirements

  1. Dear Sir,
    I am looking for an admission enquiry form for the 2019 6th form?
    Please may I ask for a copy to be sent to me for my son William who is looking at Southam College for a levels.
    Many thanks,
    Carl Hoggarth
    01926 633181

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