Sixth Form Safeline talks on Relationships and Sex Education

Over the last 3 weeks, during the month of May, we have welcomed Colin and his colleagues from Safeline into school as part of a whole school safeguarding strategy. Safeline is a specialist charity that works to prevent sexual violence and abuse, where they also support those affected to cope and recover. We really appreciated the time and expertise from the external professionals who delivered thought provoking and informative educational sessions for our year 12 and 13 students. We wanted to raise awareness about how to help prevent and address sexual violence and abuse, but the sessions were specifically targeted for 16-18 year olds as the importance of the topic was related to University life, nightlife and also the workplace. 

The sessions started with reminding students about the importance of what consent is. Students learned about the laws, also reflecting on how the influence of alcohol, drugs and age can all impact on consent. The session then moved onto the difference between harassment and sexual assault, and what would happen if allegations of an offence are made. We learned about real life data and statistics, the sanctions and the criminal justice system procedures should this occur. An important message was given to students that we do have the power to act, to safeguard and report should we ever be concerned for someone. Students also went on to learn about sharing and sending explicit images over social media, revenge pornography and also employment law in relation to sexual abuse in the workplace. Students also learned about coercive control and the sessions ended with being signposted to support services for further information, advice or guidance. Students were also reminded of our internal safeguarding sytems should anyone want further support. 

Students in the Sixth Form will continue with Relationships and Sex Education during Character Education lessons and tutor time sessions as part of our Personal Development curriculum. But we always value and appreciate the expertise of external professionals coming into school so a special thank you to Colin and his team for the commitment over the last 3 weeks to ensure our Year 12 and year 13 students received such important education. 

The Sixth Form Team

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