Sixth Form Student Success

Wellbeing “Mentor of the Month”

Peer Mentor Programme update

On Wednesday our Sixth Form Peer Wellbeing Mentors received a training session over lunchtime and during society time. The peer mentoring session provided students with informed training and resources to help them develop their understanding and expertise on how to support mental health and wellbeing of young people they are supporting across years 7,8,9 and 10. The content of the training was developed by the national Department for Education and Anna Freuds national centre for children and families.

The session outlined what the role of the peer mentor is, how to build effective relationships with their mentee and the importance of active listening. Content also included how to ask questions effectively, paraphrasing and the importance of seeing things from the mentee’s perspective. Students also learned skills which will help them to support their mentee to make positive changes, confidentiality but also how and when to report safeguarding concerns to the professional staff in school. Additionally, we had our Mentoring session during morning registration where lower school students and the year 12 mentors met to sign their agreements to commit to the programme but also spent time chatting together about the term and upcoming easter holidays!

Take a look at our Wellbeing Mentor for the month of March- Molly S!

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