Job opportunity for Sixth formers

Job 1: Sports Coach and Activity Leader

To be enthusiastic and passionate about Physical Education

To teach high quality PE to local primary schools

To lead a range of lunchtime and extracurricular clubs

To complete assessments throughout the academic year

To run active or football sessions at our holidays camps

To work well with the Onside team

To create a safe and fun environment for children

To inspire the next generation

Job 2: Wraparound Practitioner at Conkers, Binley Woods

To provide children opportunities to learn new skills

To create a secure and trustworthy environment for busy parents to leave their children whilst at work

To create a smooth transition for children when arriving and leaving school

To be a part of a motivated team to deliver high quality childcare

To confidently grow relationships and a positive report with the school, teachers, parents and children

If you think you’d be a good fit, or know someone who may be interest, please email for more information

Interested in just school holiday work? Let us know…

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