Sixth Form Student Success

Wellbeing “Mentor of the Month”

In December, we launched a new student leadership opportunity for Sixth Form students to become trained “Wellbeing Mentors” to support lower school peers across years 7-11.

Students meet fortnightly on a day 8 to connect with each other and discuss academic progress, their general wellbeing and any other areas students may want to discuss such as Relationships Education. This is supported by our Head Students, several of our Wellbeing Team society members who have become mentors and Heads of Year who are able to refer students to the programme. All “Wellbeing Mentors” have received in house training from our Designated Safeguarding Lead, Miss Harwood to ensure they are fully aware of safeguarding protocols to keep others safe but also key safeguarding content such as sexual harassment, violence and abuse. We will also be arranging for external training to support our mentors further.

Take a look at our first Year 12 Mentor of the Month for January!

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