Sixth Form Year 12- Driving Virtual Reality Sessions

All Year 12 students have experienced a Virtual Reality session from the Warwickshire County Council Driving Ambitions project. The Road Safety Team helped to raise awareness of the dangers of young drivers being distracted at the wheel by their passengers.
Students were transported into a virtual world created with 360 degrees vision. Students put on the headsets to experience a full crash scene extraction reality scenario. The VR film, which is set inside a car, was so convincing that some students actually interacted with the filmed scenarios! After, students took part in a though provoking discussion including the laws surrounding mobile phone use whilst driving.
Thank you to John S and Sam H who have been delivering the highly regarded programme to Southam students with all year groups in Life Skills this academic year. We were pleased to welcome the VR technology in Sixth Form for as it gave students the opportunity to consider what it is like to be a young driver and consider the dangers of driving before they even get behind the steering wheel.
Whether it is road trips, weekend getaways, drives through the countryside, summer driving this holiday can be lots of fun but driving unsafe and your summer could take a wrong turn fast. Please stay safe on the roads this summer holiday Year 12!
The Sixth Form Team

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