Year 12 Drama Workshop

This morning, Year 12 took part in a workshop delivered by one of the creative directors of the Theatre Company, The Actors of Dionysus.

As part of their Year 13 written exam, they need to practically explore and study Lysistrata which was written by Aristophanes in 411 BC.
The workshop was excellent, giving the students a practical understanding of the context at the time, the Original Performance Conditions of the Theatre in Ancient Greece, and rehearsal activities to build characters and scenes. There are some difficult aspects to their written exam considering how old the text is, but the work was delivered in a fun, accessible way.
They worked really hard, showing motivation and respect to the workshop leader and a good developing knowledge of the play.
Well done year 12! We are really proud of you.
Ms Bartlett
Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 14.21.44.png

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