Southam College’s Year 12 Philosophy, Ethics and Business Conference.

Southam College’s Year 12 Philosophy, Ethics and Year 13 Business students haven taken part in a Business Ethics conference as part of their A Level course. Richard Jarvill, visited the school and spoke of his experiences serving as a Major in the British Armed Forces. He discussed the rule of law, the Geneva convention and their impacts on practical military decision making. Students were able to apply this to the ethical theories they have studied as part of their Ethics component for the exam. Also supporting was Jeffrey Shaw from Enrichment Technology ltd. He discussed the nuclear power industry and the risks and benefits associated with the industry from an ethical and economic perspective.

Thank you to Mr Jarvill and Mr Shaw for sharing your experiences and encouraging students to apply their Ethics skills to real life situations.

Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 18.19.18.png

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