Spanish Exchange

Day 3 of the Spanish Exchange saw us visit Seville, the capital of the Andalucía region.

Upon arrival, we had a quick breakfast snack which included pre-prepared “bocadillos” from host families.

We then marched though the rain to “La Giralda”, a gothic style bell tower with a 1200kg weather vane on top. The bell tower forms part of the biggest gothic style cathedral in the world. Our facts were explained to us by the Spanish students.

We then made our way to “El Alcázar” which is a royal palace in the city. The architecture was very impressive and varied due to the influences over the centuries. This was a particularly useful visit for our sixth formers who study architecture as part of their A Level course.

The rain stopped just in time to allow us to put our umbrellas down and enjoy some of the oldest streets in the town. This led to “La plaza de España” which is a spectactular piece of architecture.

We finished the day in Seville with food and some free time in “el centro comercial”.

All of the students are ready for a relaxing night in after a full day which included singing to Queen on the way home!

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