Spanish Exchange

We started today in IES Zaframagon (school) with a presentation from the Spanish students about the school and their education system. This was followed by a tour and a traditional breakfast in the school canteen. Joe braved some maths on the chalk board (which Austin and Sion have never seen!!) and was congratulated for his efforts.
We then took a walk up hill in to the town of Olvera. We visited the oldest part of the town which included a hike to the highest point of the town; the castle tower where we enjoyed spectactular views of the town and countryside. Lucy, Amy and Austin decided to try out the “horse”.
Inside the largest church in Olvera, we learned about “la semana santa” and saw some of the figures used in the Holy Week processions.
The mayor and his colleagues kindly welcomed us in the “ayuntamiento” and wished us a good visit.
We enjoyed strolling through some other local, narrow streets whilst learning more about the area thanks to the Spanish students preparation.
Lunch was spent with families with a trip to the park and “Los Remedios” later this afternoon. A few of the boys are looking forward to some football. Students will enjoy dinner together this evening at the Spanish dinner time of 9pm before heading back to bed!

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