Make a difference day on Friday 17th November.

No matter who you are or where you’re from, everyone has the power to do something that enhances the life of another. Whether it’s starting a conversation that can make a difference to someone, fundraising for charities or giving your time to benefit others within school or the community, every contribution makes a difference.

Here at Southam College, we are having our own ‘Make a difference day’ on Friday 17th November. We are looking for a selection of volunteers to help lead and support events throughout Mental Health Awareness week and on Make a difference Day. We hope the day will be filled with positivity, appreciation and compassion for all but it will only be successful if we have student volunteers!

What events can I sign up to lead/support?

  • Whole School Community Clean up
  • Positive Post
  • Positive Pledge Wall
  • Engage with the Aged residential care home visits- Sixth Form only
  • Involvement/attendance to the with the Mental Health Micro Sessions #inyourcorner
  • Baking cakes for our staff wellbeing ‘Tea and Talk Tuesday’ event.
  • ‘Crafter noon’ volunteers – making products to sell on the Friday with Mrs Keech’s Craft club.
  • Creation of resources to support the promotion of the Mental Health
  • You can create your own ideas too!

If you are interested, please see Miss Campbell or any Life Skills teacher. A meeting to sign up to events is this Wednesday 8th November, room S2- Prompt 12:30 start please.

We look forward to seeing you there.


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