GERMAN EXCHANGE – Wednesday: Mittwoch

Today the students visited the interactive Science and Technology museum Experimenta in Heilbronn. They really enjoyed and all got involved with trying out the interactive equipment and exhibitions and learned a great deal about science, communications, technology, maths, the environment and music.
After this visit, we returned to Lauffen and made a quick stop at an Eiscafé to eat some icecream in the sun….Kinder Bueno was certainly a popular flavour which was sampled.
This afternoon the students spent some time in class experiencing German lessons with their partners. We have now left the school after many many tears and sad goodbyes! The students are already looking forward to seeing their German partners again for the return leg in October. The dates for this will be Weds 11th – Weds 18th October 2017. We are now on our way to Stuttgart airport by bus and will keep you updated on our journey. We expect to arrive at Southam by 10.15pm.

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