GERMAN EXCHANGE – Dienstag: Tuesday

Today the German and English students were lucky enough to visit the Audi forum and museum in Neckarsulm. They were guided round in groups with very informative guides and had a tour of some significant parts of the Audi factory and production line. They saw the pressing room, where car parts are pressed into shape with huge machines. Following this they visited the Body workshop, where the cars’ main body frames are assembled mainly by robots which looked like something out of Transformers! After this they visited the Finishing workshop where the Audis were being put together, and where dashboards, seats, carpets, wheels, seat belts, steering wheels and finally doors were added. Following their tour they had some time to wander around the shop and museum, displaying a large variety of Audis to take pictures with. There was even a floor of show cars in which the students were able to sit, and try out the various luxury features (such as the sound systems!). Overall it was a brilliant visit and the students learnt a lot about Audi and other the production of its impressive cars.
In the evening, all students and their German partners attended our usual leaving party, to which the lovely host families brought all kinds of delicious home made German foods. This was a lovely opportunity to celebrate the week of the exchange with their partners, and the very welcoming families that they had spent their time with. We would again like to thank the host families and the German students and teachers for their hospitality and for welcoming us all again.
More updates on Wednesday about our final trip to Experimenta in Heilbronn and to keep you posted about our progress on the journey home.

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