GERMAN EXCHANGE – Freitag: Friday

Today the students have spent a great day in Stuttgart with their German partners. First they visited the Mercedes Benz museum, a very impressive building with extremely impressive cars and lots to learn about the history of the company.
We then took them to the city centre to complete a GPS rally in teams! They had to work in teams to use clues, a compass and GPS devices to work their way around the city and its sights to complete their mission! The winning team were Ollie Cook, Olly Kirk, Seb Priest and their partners Danny, Yannick and Jonas. Well done to them!
After this, the students had some free time in Stuttgart to explore the typical German shops (H&M and Primary!) and enjoy the typical German food and drink (McDonald’s and Starbucks)!
The evening was spent with a special party to celebrate 10 years of the exchange! More updates on this to follow! We wish the students a fantastic weekend with their German host families! Viel Spaß! Have fun!

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