German Exchange

Thursday: Donnerstag.

Today we met up with all the exchange students in the morning for an ice breaker get together, with some delicious food provided by the German host students and their families. The English students had a quick tour of the school, Hölderlin Gymnasium, and had the chance to chat to and get to know their partners a little better.
After a few lessons at school, we then took the (double-decker!) train to Heilbronn to go ice skating! The students showed off their skating skills – some were slightly more impressive (Jack Latus!), than others (James Currivan!), but they all had a great go! Even some students who were completely new to skating persisted and managed to get around the rink! Miss Martin (not Mrs!) and Mrs French even took a few turns on the ice, although Frau Wacker was the skating expert amongst the teachers!
On the way back to the station, we stopped for some more Eis… ice cream! (Despite the cold weather!) The students have now headed home to spend the evening with their partners and host families. Tomorrow: Stuttgart!
Bis morgen! (see you tomorrow!). 

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