University recognition for Cambridge Technicals Level 3

Many of you have spoken to us about university recognition for students applying with Cambridge Technicals qualifications.
Our Level 3 Cambridge Technicals have been designed for progression to university and attract UCAS points just like other vocational qualifications.

To reassure you and your students that our Level 3 Cambridge Technicals are recognised, we’ve spoken to a number of universities including the Russell Group (Glasgow, Leeds, Sheffield, Exeter, Newcastle and York) and Cardiff who have confirmed they “will consider Cambridge Technicals in the relevant subject areas either on their own or in combination with other Level 3 qualifications such as A Levels and do not offer preferential treatment to applications with any particular Level 3 qualification”.

As all universities can set their own admissions criteria, we always recommend that students check what subjects and qualification types that particular university requires but in principle, if they accept Pearson BTEC, they should accept Cambridge Technicals.

Any questions, please speak to Mr Sycamore

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